Creative Lead for Glossier's Complexion campaign, which highlighted the sheer wearability and expanded shade range for Perfecting Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer, and Wowder. We captured 49 unique talent wearing their Complexion shade matches across hundreds of creative assets, including a new Shade Finder tool, portraits, and application videos.

— Details
Launched in 2019
Platforms: Digital, Social, Retail

— Team
Creative Director - Marie Suter
Head of Brand Design - Adriana Deleo
Creative Lead - Haley Stark

Casting - Madeleine Angus
Photographer - Jai Odell
Director/DP - Wilson Cameron
Hair - Edward Lampley
Makeup - Katie Jane Hughes
Stylist - Solange Franklin

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Haley Stark LLC
Art Direction / Creative Consulting
Brooklyn, NY
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